Stenabreck nestles on the side of a small hill with open aspects to the east, south and west. From its elevated position the views from the windows are breathtaking, but stepping outside takes you into another dimension. The quality of the light, the large clear skies and subtle colours of the landscape is an artist or photographer's paradise. Even on the less sunny days the changing views have their own fascination and the sunsets have to be seen to be believed

If you are interested in wildlife, we are situated next to a Site of Special Scientific Interest; hen harriers are attracted to feed in the fields nearby. Some of our own land is designated as environmentally important and specially managed for birds and other wildlife. If, like us, you enjoy flora as well as fauna we do have some species rich areas, and there is a profusion of wild flowers in season.

Whether you wish to fish the well stocked lochs, try your hand at horse riding, go diving, maybe to explore the wrecks in Scapa Flow, travel round to see the sights or just relax and enjoy the break we assure you of a warm welcome and will try to make your stay as enjoyable as possible.
From the well walled garden you may see young calves or new born lambs in the surrounding fields depending on the time of year. Tractors and other machinery at work at a safe distance are often interesting to children.

For people with an interest in history there is a plethora of ancient sites throughout the county, such as The Neolithic village of Skara Brae, the Tomb of the eagles and Broch of Gurness.

The Orkney music scene is strong with a thriving traditional following, also modern and classical tastes are catered for with festivals and concerts taking place throughout the year.

There is an abundance of eating out opportunities, to suit all pockets.